3D Embroidery for Promotional Clothing Suppliers

The great thing with embroidery is that when it's done well it can look amazing and no printed garment will compare. 3D embroidery is fairly popular and can be seen in high street shops on embroidered snap back caps. The process to achieve this is embroidering a satin stitch over "puffy" foam that is approximately 3mm thick. This foam can be purchased from most embroidery suppliers. Only satin stitch can be applied to this method as it allows the puffy foam to push the stitches up creating the 3D effect. The density of stitches must be increased greatly to ensure the foam is fully covered. This can be done within your embroidery software to decrease the spacing between stitches. I would also use a simple center underlay stitch, which will be just enough to hold the foam down before embroidering the satin stitch.

To test this method I would suggest taking an existing crest logo that you already have digitized. Make sure that the last part of the embroidery program is the satin border and edit this to increase the density for the puffy foam. It will help to add a stop function just before this so you can lay the puffy foam on top of the existing embroidery. Cut the foam larger than the embroidery but small enough to fit in the hoop frame. I do not advise using any temporary adhesive as this can be very messy. Simply holding the foam in place while the first underlay is applied will be sufficient. The next step is to decrease the speed of your machine to around 400-500 rpm. This will avoid thread breaks and allow the machine to run smoothly during this process. No other changes to the machine are needed at this time.

Once your program has finished you can remove the foam slowly by hand. The end result will give you a 3D border around your crest that should add the extra wow factor. I advise to try out different suppliers of puffy foam as the quality can vary. The higher quality foam, the better finish you will have. If there are any stray pieces of foam sticking out from under the satin stitch then use a blunt instrument to push it back in. Black and white are generally the only 2 colors of foam available. For the best effect I mainly use black on all colors. This may seem strange but I have found that even with light color thread it still gives the best finish.

Try it yourself and experiment as it's a great way to impress your clients!