Consensus coming on road rules?

National road rules, including lane filtering, are being discussed now and are likely to be put out for public discussion in July with consensus expected by November.

The disparity of road rules between states is exemplified in the recent introduction of lane filtering.

It is now permitted in Queensland, NSW, Victoria, South Australia and still on trial in the ACT, but expected to be implemented soon.

However, the rules vary slightly from state to state. For example, Queensland is the only state to allow edge filtering and use of bicycle storage boxes.

So which road rules do we want and which ones do we want changed?

Lack of consensus in riding groups

Unfortunately, there doesn’t even seem to be much consensus between rider groups.

For example, some groups in other states would like edge filtering, but there are even riders in Queensland who believe it should be banned.

South Australian group, called Ride to Review (RTR), seems to be the only rider representative group to publish how they would like the lane filtering rules to apply.
Australian Motorcycle Council representative Guy Stanford has been invited by the National Transport Commission to address the Australian Road Rules Maintenance Advisory Group which is attempting to make road rules uniform across all states.

Guy and his V-Strom

So what set of road rules would the AMC like to see?

“The problem is that rider groups with a good relationship with government are often unable to disclose documents or meeting discussions until agreements are reached,” Guy says.

“It can work against riders if the negotiation position is telegraphed in advance.

“Wildcard publication of wants can make things difficult, as that can waste time and distort negotiation.”

Guy says how each state drafts their lane filtering (and other roads rules) can often be more about local politics than achieving for sensible outcomes.

“A wildcard submission in one state can be good or bad, but usually only a problem in their locality with little effect elsewhere,” he says.

“Hubris can be the big hurdle.”

Check out the various lane filtering laws in each state

These are the various State Government web safety pages:

How should particular road rules be standardised in Australia? Tell us which lane filtering laws you like/dislike!