Ducati adventure training and treks

Now that Ducati’s adventure range of Multistradas and Scramblers are their most popular sellers, they are offering adventure training courses and treks.

They call it Ducati Adventure Riding Experience (D-A-R-E) and it includes off-road training courses by Motor School and expeditions.

It sounds very much like what BMW has been doing with their GS Safaris and off-road training for the past couple of decades.

D-A-R-E training

The training program comes in beginner and advanced levels and will be offered in Queensland, NSW and Victoria.

There is no word yet on where they will be held, when or how much they will cost. But if you go to the website and register, they will send you details as they become available.

Riders will be able to use their own Ducati or hire a Multistrada, including the new 950, or the Scrambler Desert Sled or Urban Enduro. No other brand bikes will be allowed.

Ducati Desert Sled

D-A-R-E treks

Ducati Australia is also launching D-A-R-E expeditions with treks ranging from two days to 10 days and an annual expedition. 

They will be fully supported with a 4WD truck as back-up.

They also plan a D-A-R-E hard-core expedition, also like BMW’s GS Safari Enduro.

However, on these treks, riders will be self-sufficient and unsupported.

Similarly, there are no details on where, when and how much for these adventures. You will have to register online.

Otherwise, stay tuned here for more updates.