I Love Bicycle Safety

Bicycle safety is one of my absolute passions that I love. You may find this difficult to believe. Bicycle safety gets me stirred up because its one of the easiest ways to save lives.

Saving lives gets emotional for me. I once almost drowned in a pond and was rescued. Another time I was injured on the side of the rode and almost got run over. I've had a couple of brushes with death myself.

Several times on a bicycle I came close to being hit by cars. Most of the driver was about to turn and they were looking the other way when they started their turn. Also I had another event happen that I will never forget that has caused me to write about my love for this topic.

Imagine this: When walking one day down a city street a bicyclist had an accident that caused her a sever concussion. She was riding down the street to the left side of a row of parked cars. Suddenly one of the drivers of a parked car opened his door.

The young woman was flung off her bike and landed on her head. I was there on the scene and stepped into the road to warn drivers to stop for the moment so we could handle this emergency. There was blood coming from the back of her head and she was out cold.

Now you know more about why I am passionate about bicycle safety. Reasons I love bicycle taillights, headlights and helmets:

1. I love bicycle safety because head injuries are prevented

2. People are killed by driving too fast and not thinking about the drivers that may not see them – bicycle safety prevents deaths

3. Bicycle safety lighting is easy for just about anyone to install on their bike, and does not cost much

4. Bicycle headlights, taillights and strokes help drivers see a biker so the biker does not get hurt

5. I love bicycle safety because a bike helmet is the best way to prevent many head injuries from occurring

Perhaps now you can see why bicycle safety is so important. People with head injuries have trouble remembering what they need to do everyday. They can not remember names, or places they need to go, or how to cook a meal.

Permanent disabilities can result from taking simple steps to make a bike safer and help drivers see the rider. Because a car weighs so much and is deadly the biker must take it on himself to put headlights, taillights and strobe lights on his bike. Riding a bike is simply not worth the risk of a head injury, severe disability or losing one's life.

Do you know someone that has been injured in a bicycle accident? I have met at least two people with sever injuries. One can barely walk and the other is in a wheelchair.

Encourage your friends to put lighting on their bikes and to wear a helmet. The life you save may be your friend's life.