Long wait for justice after double crash

A year after two motorcycle riders were taken out by a driver who crossed two stationary lanes of traffic, the riders have not seen justice as the driver is yet to face court.

Riders Steve Caruana and Marc Logan spent several months in hospital and are still undergoing rehabilitation, yet to return to full-time work.

In July 2016, a woman in a Camry drove in front of their motorcycles at Maribyrnong, Melbourne, and the subsequent dash cam video of the crash went viral.

While the video evidence seems compelling, police have taken almost a year to investigate.

Steve now tells us he believes charges have been laid but the wait for justice continues several more months.

“A cop came to my house around a month ago and mentioned to me that they are pressing charges and she will be going to court around November,” Steve says.

We contacted Victoria Police who confirmed a “female driver has been charged (we do not provide names) and will appear at court in November, but cannot confirm the court date at this stage”.

She faces charges of careless driving (three demerit points and up to $1771.32 for a first offence and $3690.25 for subsequent offences) and fail to give way ($159 fine).

Mental and physical scars

Steve says it has been a long wait for justice as he continues find it difficult to come to terms with the physical and mental scars from the crash.

“I started work about two months ago but only lasted a month,” he says.

“I’m nowhere near ready but losing my mind at home and have had to borrow money so as not to lose the house. “

He says Transport Accident Commission (TAC) payments are not enough to support his family, s he is planning to return to work soon.

“This accident has really turned my family and me upside down and hoping my life gets back to how it was before the accident because the biggest killer is not being able to enjoy activities with my children,” he says.

Steve did buy a new motorbike but even though he still rides every day, he says the accident has taken the enjoyment out of riding.

“I’m staying positive and hoping that in two months I’ll be back at work and won’t be struggling to get through a day’s work,” he says.

Mark and Steve

Meanwhile, Marc is still going to rehab and has at least six more months before thinking about getting back to work.

Steve says he doesn’t talk to Marc as much as he used to.

“We’re both dealing with issues and don’t like to socialise like we used to because one minute I’m feeling good, next minute I could need to lie down or stop whatever I’m doing,” Steve says.

“We are still best of friends but just hard at the moment for both of us.”

Steve says he is still waiting for justice and says he expects police to contact him later this year for the court case when he will relive those fateful seconds yet again.