Open letter to car drivers from riders

To all car drivers,

Very soon and filtering will be legal in all states of Australia, allowing riders to slip through stationary and slow-moving traffic.

But don’t hate motorcycle riders or be jealous of us. Be thankful that we are there as we are making the roads better for you!


Some of you drivers seem to have some animosity toward riders, but we hope it’s probably just jealousy.

You see us as freedom-loving easy riders who slip through the traffic and enjoy the sunshine, while you’re stuck in traffic. We know you’d love to be riding with us.

The only time you aren’t jealous of us is when it’s raining and miserable, but I hate to tell you this – we are still enjoying ourselves underneath our helmets and wet gear. Sorry.

Anyway, there is no reason for you car drivers to hate riders or to be jealous of us. You should, instead, be thankful that we are there as we are helping you as well as ourselves.

Be thankful

A 2012 study by Belgian consultancy Transport & Mobility Leuven has found that each time one of you drivers gets out of your car and rides a motorcycle instead, it eases traffic congestion, pollution and, of course, stress.

If there were just 10% more motorcycles it would mean 40% less congestion and 6% less pollution. If 25% swapped cars for bikes there would be no congestion. That’s none, zero, nada, zilch!

So don’t be jealous of motorcycle riders, be thankful. And maybe consider swapping to a motorcycle, yourself.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was only bike traffic!

And don’t be jealous of our newfound lane-filtering laws, either.

Slipping down the slow-moving or stationary traffic is actually helping you.

Think of it this way: If you are 11th in line at the traffic lights, but only 10 vehicles can get through in a light sequence, you will have to wait for the next set of lights.

However, if one or two of those positions in front of you were taken up by motorcycles who could slip down to the front between the lines of traffic, it moves you one or two positions forward and you get through this sequence of lights. Result is you get where you are going sooner!

Look twice, thrice

Ok, an abundance of lane-filtering riders means you have to pay a bit more attention, but isn’t it worth it?

For every red light you avoid because of lane filtering, you are saving about 40 seconds. Multiply that by the number of red lights you would avoid on your daily commute and that’s the saving on your commute time. No thanks required.

Meanwhile, look twice and maybe three times for motorcycles before you change lanes, emerge from a side street or turn across the road.

Help keep riders off the endangered species list, because we are vital to your survival!


Motorcycle riders.lane filtering

PS: All riders should show this to a car-driving friend and help spread the word!