Out on the Road on a GT Mountain Bike

Since the late Seventies, the roads of USA have seen a lot of GT mountain bikes. This was long before the concept of free riding gained popularity among the biking community. Bikers were very often seen paddling across the continent with their entire worldly possessions strapped on their bikes. Some bikers even dared to cross over to Europe and further venture into Africa. The European bikers did not stay behind in their quest for thrills, they ventured in almost every part of the world only leaving the poles out of their dare.

These highly reliable mountain bikes took the riders to places without any trouble and safely brought them back home were made by the company which was the brainchild of Gary Turner and named as GT Bicycles. Some of you may not know the fact that these bikes gained popularity at a very rapid pace and in a matter of few years those different versions of these bikes could be seen being produced by most of the bike manufacturers all over the world.

GT never held itself back from probing their research into different designs of extreme bikes and upgrades for their older models. Their unique basic design still remains the same which is very traditional and can be recognized by the bike enthusiasts easily. With the advent of newer events in the biking sport; the cross continent cycling s has not lost its place as a part of the thrill seekers inventory. People do travel on bikes not just for daily commutation but from state to state and even from country to country.

If you and your friends are planning a bike trip which involves both road and cross country movement, your ideal partner can be a GT mountain bike which will give you excellent service and reliable performance in the entire trip.