How to choose the right motorcycle helmet

Motorcycle helmets are expensive so it is important to buy the right one for your budget, your head, your riding style and your confidence. We have published many articles about helmets. Just go to the search bar on this page and type in “helmet” and you will find many articles which offer advice. We have […]

Advantages of Thermal Underwear

Thermal underwear is a sort of two-piece clothing that is normally worn under a shirt and a pair of paints to keep the body warm in harsh winters, when the body struggles against wind, fog, sleet or snow. This clothing normally has long legs and long sleeves and is worn next to skin. It traps […]

Can you love your motorcycle too much?

If you love your motorcycle so much you want to have sex with it, then you are a mechanophiliac. Don’t laugh. It’s real. And it’s illegal in some countries. Brit Kevin Chapman, 33, is facing court  for allegedly attempting to have sex with a Suzuki GSX-R. It’s obviously a love-hate relationship as he was earlier […]

Cow Leather Vs Sheep Leather

These hides are two of the most prominent and two of the most common leathers used for making warm clothes. They are one of the most durable types of leather which are used for wearing as a coat and for motorcycle gears like jackets and boots. People often ask whether cow leather is thicker than […]

Harley-Davidson set for rum customs

Harley-Davidson is creating 22 customised Sportsters with Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum “tattoo” artwork to celebrate their 115th anniversary in 2018. In Australia, Harley seems more aligned with bourbon than rum. However, Indian Motorcycles has already sewn up a partnership with Jack Daniels over the past two years. That relationship has created limited-edition bikes which have […]

What is the Difference Between Junior and Missy Sizing?

Knowing the difference between junior and missy sizing is an important part of knowing your correct sizes. When you know which category you fit into, you are able to find a better fit and more flattering styling. So what is the difference? While there is no one rule to fit every design, here is a basic guideline to help you […]

2017 BMW F 800 GS Adventure review

If we were really practical about our motorcycle choice, we would probably all be riding the BMW F 800 GS Adventure. With its big 24-litre tank and go-anywhere capabilities, it is the ideal bike for Australia’s vast distances and rough roads and tracks. Yet it is also refined enough to be a canyon carver and […]

The Great Romantic Eras of American History

There are certain historical eras that have produced more than a fair share of fiction in books and movies. Time periods that have within them certain styles and attitudes that seem to have a lasting appeal. Eras of rough and rowdy male characters that are of endless fascination to young females even though they may […]

Honda drops price on CB500F

Honda continues to drop its prices in the wake of an 18.1% drop in sales in the first quarter of 2017 with the latest being the 2017 model CB500F. The learner-approved street fighter has arrived in dealerships at $7299, down $600 on last year’s model. It comes in Millennium Red/Graphite Black and Matte Gunpowder Black Metallic. Honda CB500F This […]

Clubwear – What is It?

Clubwear is a relatively new loosely used term in fashion today. In fact, this term is thrown around so loosely, people often wonder what exactly it is. Is clubwear a style or is it actually a piece of clothing? Is the correct spelling clubwear or club wear? Is this new trend just for exotic dancers […]