Pakistan leather gets a second chance

We panned a leather jacket we received from Pakistan in August 2016 and warned riders against buying cheap motorcycle goods over the internet. Read our scathing report here. The “offending” Pakistani leather jacket However, another Pakistan motorcycle leather goods company then got in touch with us and pleaded to give the country’s goods a second […]

Italian motorcycles whet collector appetites

A significant European collection of 16 Italian motorcycles is a highlight of the Spring Stafford Sale on April 23, 2017, that should whet the appetite of any collector. Bonhams Motorcycle Department secured the bikes for the Spring Stafford Sale from one collector with a passion for Italian brands such as MV Agusta and Ducati. The sale will be held at the […]

Meet Tex the trike-riding dog

Just about every dog loves to dangle its tongue in the wind and Tex the Toowoomba trike-riding dog is no exception. And do you blame him? Dog lovers Paul and Mel Goodin say their five-year-old mastif/dane has been riding with them in their Touroz trike for about nine months and he loves it. “We go […]

Deals on West Coast motorcycle rental

If you are planning a ride on the West Coast of North America this northern 2017 spring, MotoQuest has some great “transporter” rental deals. These cheap “transporter” rental deals come up from time to time with American rental companies who want to transport bikes back in the other direction from one-way rentals. There are probably also some […]

Kawasaki offers free KLR650 luggage

Kawasaki is currently doing a great deal that makes the versatile go-anywhere 2017 KLR650 adventurer even more attractive. Buy the bike now and they will throw in a free luggage kit valued at more than $800. It includes soft saddlebags, matching tank bag and tail bag, so you can carry a lot of gear. The […]

Di Jones tackles Superbike championships

Brisbane rider Di Jones, is another “superwoman” taking on the men in the premier racing divisions in two Australian motorcycle road racing championships. She competes this weekend at Sydney Motorsport Park in the Australasian Superbike Championship as the sole woman in the FX C&D grade and Formula Oz classes. Meanwhile, Sydney Detective Sergeant Ashlee De […]

Is the Tri Pod a car or motorcycle?

These Tri Pod cars are registered as a motorcycle in a motorcycle category vehicle (L cat), have a motorcycle engine, accelerate like a motorcycle, weigh the same as a Harley and are bought by motorcyclists. They are even designed and built by a motorcyclist, Andrew Hutchison of the Sunshine Coast. Yet most people would consider […]

How to Plan Your Company's Dress Code

One of the millions of a growing small business is the point at which you decide you need a dress code. It was all in good fun when you were just a shoestring start-up in a tiny store-front, and there was just five of you running around in jeans and polo shirts. But now you […]

Rider defends standing on footpegs

A young rider has successfully defended a fine for standing on the footpegs after NSW police deemed it unsafe. Over the past couple of years, all Australians states have changed the road rules to allow motorcycle riders to stand on the footpegs, with the caveat “when it is safe to do so”, or similar wording. Motorcycle Council of […]