Riders reject motorcycle friendly regulation

It seems most motorcyclists do not support regulation of Motorcycle Friendly Town status, according to our online poll with 55% against the idea.

The survey was conducted after the Motorcycle Council of NSW created a committee to investigate regulation of Motorcycle Friendly Town status.

To help them gauge the level of support from riders, we created the poll which attracted more than 200 riders who took the time to complete the six-question survey. Read the background to the survey here.

Some riders also added their own comments and one rider even suggested a “motorcyclists welcome” status for towns if they don’t make the grade with regulators.

Texas Motorcycle Friendly Town launch

National regulation

If regulation does go ahead, half of the riders who responded said a national rider representative group should do the regulation compared with 35% support for a state body.

Some 19% said no one should regulate it and there were suggestions it should be regulated by the towns themselves, businesses, Chambers of Commerce, automobile clubs and even the Ulysses Club. 

Regulation criteria

The most important criteria for a town to be considered friendly to motorcyclists seems to be the provision of specialised motorcycle parking, according to 58% of respondents.

Next most important criteria was signage (26%), availability of premium fuel (18%), rider discounts (8%) and suggested route maps (5%).

Wauchope Motorcycle Friendly Town
Wauchope has declared itself a Motorcycle Friendly Town

Several riders suggested the only criteria needed was a “warm attitude” and/or a “welcoming face”.

Other suggestions were a puncture repair service, good coffee and winding roads, while one person said: “No police, unrestricted speed limit for at least 50km on either side of that town”.

Keep dreaming, fella!

Towns rejected?

We also asked whether Queensland towns that did not vocally oppose the VLAD so-called anti-bikie legislation should be banned from Motorcycle Friendly Town status.

The response was a resounding 86% no with only 6% saying yes. The others either abstained or said it wasn’t relevant to them in other states.

One rider pointed out that “some rider groups supported VLAD due to ignorance, so others with less connection shouldn’t be punished for not understanding the ramifications of VLAD”.

Crows Nest takes the cake with riders status
Crows Nest’s official Motorcycle Friendly Town launch

We also asked if towns that had already declared themselves Motorcycle Friendly should have to re-apply and that was also met with a resounding 70% saying no.

Some suggested these towns be given time to comply and others suggested regular reviews of towns’ compliance.

Another pointed out that the customer would be the regulator: “Seriously, it’s like anywhere I go if the service is bad e.g. garages, motels etc I don’t go back.”

Some 95% of respondents said there should be no compliance fee, but a few suggested a minimal fee to cover costs of checking compliance and/or to supply towns with signage.