The brake light that may save your life

This smart brake light will illuminate even when you slow down to warn motorists behind you and just could save your life.

Rear-ender crashes involving motorcycles are too frequent, probably because we often slow down with engine braking, rather than the brakes. This can take following motorists by surprise.

So the makers of the clever Smart Turn System self-cancelling indicators have now turned their attention to the brake light.

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While they have identified that many crashes are caused because riders forget to turn off their indicators, they have also acknowledged that many riders are hit from behind because they don’t use their brakes to slow down.

They have now initiated a crowd-funding campaign to finance their Smart Brake Module.

The Smart Brake Module will use the same technology with motion sensors as the Smart Turn System.

It will detect any change in speed, regardless of braking with the front or rear brake or just decelerating with the engine.

The light will also modulate according to different speed frequencies – the harder you brake, the faster the brake light flashes.

It could be enough to save you from a rear ender.

Spokesman Miha Ernstscheinder says it will detect “even the smallest deceleration forces”.

“We are doing a campaign to see what is the potential of the product and soon we will start to gather preorders,” he says.

“The price range will be approximately between €60–80 (about $A90-120).”

The company uses an innovative approach to tracking motorcycle movement in traffic to create their advanced motion-analysing technology.

Miha says the brake light will be compatible with every existing motorcycle with standard bulbs, LED or HID lights.

“It is very small and easy to fit – not much bigger than a box of matches — and easy to hide under your motorcycle seat.”