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Virtual reality computer games may just spell the end of motorcycles as they prevent young people from throwing a leg over a motorcycle.

Rather than playing games, true riders would prefer to be riding, cleaning their bike, maintaining it, reading about bikes in a mag or on this website, or dreaming about their next bike.

However, it must be getting more and more difficult to get kids on to bikes when computer games are now so realistic and virtual reality is now so affordable.

Why run the risks of falling off or being t-boned by a SMIDSY idiot when you can sit in the safety and comfort of your bedroom and get your virtual knee down?

Unrealistic and wrong

Computer games have never moved me. I just don’t get it.

Recently, I was completing a Sudoku on my iPad — it’s not a game, but a mental exercise! — when an ad appeared for some computer game where you use your finger to move things around a battlefield.

This is supposed to be fun?

In what parallel universe is that any fun?

I’ve also played several motorcycle computer games, but, try as they might, the programs are just not realistic.

They are also often wrong.

For example, the screen rotating from side to side while you corner is simply wrong. You should always keep your head vertical when cornering and let your body and the bike lean!

Don’t these programmers even ride?

Virtual reality
Unrealistic racing game

Virtual reality

Anyway, that is old-style gaming. Virtual reality has virtually changed the whole game.

Now gamers can totally immerse themselves.

They can race on the world’s greatest circuits next to Valentino Rossi, ride trails through the Rockies and perform stunts greater than Robbie Maddison.

And now prices have been dropped by about a third, making them much more accessible!

Oculus Rift virtual reality
Oculus Rift virtual reality drops price

Ok, virtual reality gamers don’t cop the wind blast, the heat on their legs from the headers, the whiff of unspent fuel, the vibe from the engine, the G forces of an endo, the gut-churning feeling of hitting gravel mid-corner, or the sheer childish thrill of performing a wheelie outside the cop shop.

So how are we ever going to get these youngsters hooked on riding?

We desperately need the younger generation to become motorcyclists or the research and development for new models will dry up!

So I give thanks to the hipsters of the world.

Distinguished Gentlemen's Ride virtual reality
MBW and a hipster

They may not be into bikes for the same reasons we were at their age, but at least they are into them and not sitting in their bedrooms playing with themselves … or gaming against opponents online!

At least chopping and dicing a motorcycle into a brat street tracker or scrambler cannot be attained on a computer screen.

Or can it?

  • What motorcycle computer games do you play and are they realistic? Leave your comments below.