What Style of Goalkeeper Gloves Do the Professionals Wear?

With so many different styles of Goalkeeping Gloves on the market the question I hear many Goalkeepers asking is this. ‘What style of gloves is most popular with the pro’s?’. Hopefully after reading the following article I will have answered some of your questions and helped you make the right choice next time you buy a pair of gloves.

Petr Cech:

Glove Manufacturer: Adidas

Style: Response Pro

To the untrained eye you may think that Petr Cech has been wearing The Adidas Fingersave Pro for the last season and a half. Unfortunately this is a massive scam by Adidas! Cech actually wears the Response Pro with ‘Fingersave’ printed on the back of the index finger. However this glove is not available in the shops. The Fingersave model retailing at around £60 has Petr Cech’s name on the wrist strap. Very cunning plan to make money from Adidas. The Reponse Pro has a negative style palm and Cech has also been known to use yellow and green coloured palms as well as traditional white.

Gianluigi Buffon:

Glove Manufacturer: Puma

Style: Powercat 1.12

Buffon who was originally a Reusch wearer switched to Puma and became one of the lead names of the brand in the early 2000’s. Again similar to Cech, the Powercat is a fingersave glove but Buffon chooses to wear the glove without the finger spines. Buffon’s gloves feature a conventional flat style palm which is less popular these days especially in this country.

Ben Foster:

Glove Manufacturer: Sells

Style: Wrap Elite

With the weather conditions in Britain a large percentage of the keepers decide to wear roll finger palms. Ben Foster is no exception to this. Having been a proud endorsee of the Sells Wrap series since its early years he seems very comfortable with the roll finger palm.

Tim Howard:

Glove Manufacturer: Nike

Style: Premier SGT

Another keeper who has adapted a glove and put his own twist on it. The Nike SGT range traditionally has a laser cut palm which contours the shape of the palm. Tim Howards personalised ones have a flat palm but a rolled index finger. The glove is pre curved.

Brad Friedel:

Glove Manufacturer: Adidas

Style: Fingertip

‘If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!’ Brad Friedel has a been a long servant of the Adidas Fingertip. Featuring a roll finger style palm the gloves fingers are wrapped over the top to create a snug feel around every finger.