Which Spanx Thigh Slimmers Offer the Most Control?

Have you always wondered which Spanx thigh slimmers offer the strongest levels of control? Here is a breakdown of the slimming levels of Spanx so you know which are right for you.

When you are deciding on shapewear to make your hips, thighs, and bum look slim – it can be confusing to know which body shaper is best. Are you looking for medium control that you can wear everyday or are you looking for the maximum firm control thigh slimmer you can get? With all of the shapewear choices and even the number of choices even in one brand like Spanx – it can be overwhelming to choose shaping underwear!

Thigh slimmers offer tummy control, define and smooth your bottom, slim your hips and thin your thighs. So, which are the best thigh slimmers? Which offer the lightweight moderate control and which offer the most firm control?

Here in order of support levels are Spanx for you to consider to make your thighs and rear look better:

Medium Control – Medium control means it smooths the lumps and bumps but is comfortable and forgiving so if you eat a big lunch, you aren’t going to feel too restricted. These are the most lightweight shapers.

  • Skinny Britches Short – this is the most lightweight Spanx silhouette. It works well but is light and breathable to wear all the time – they come in several fun colors.
  • Skinny Britches – lightweight just like the above but offers sheer shaping up to the high waist so it helps smooth your stomach area.
  • Hike & Sleek Hi-Rise Smoother – This high-waisted thigh slimmer looks like a thin, sleek hi-waist biker short and goes from underbust to the mid thighs
  • Hide & Sleek Capri Smoother – if you need something lightweight to wear under slacks – the Hide & sleek pant liner is great especially for those who want to eliminate the appearance of a bit of cellulite.

Super Control – Super control means this shapewear flattens your tummy and shapes your body – giving contours to the curves. It is like medium plus. Not the maximum shapewear but more supportive than the medium level.

  • In-Power Line Super Footless Shaper – these lightweight footless pant liner shapers are one of the most popular slimming shapewear leggings around. They are the best option to wear under pants- no cellulite, firm and tight around the hips, thighs and butt. A must-have for every woman’s wardrobe!
  • In-Power Line Super Higher Power Thigh Slimmer – super sleek and made of comfortable hosiery and goes underbust down to the mid thighs and is a cheaper option.
  • Slimplicity High-Waist Shaper this goes from under the bra down to the mid thigh and has a soft to the touch powerful shaping fabric with compression that can be worn everyday.
  • Slimplicity Shaper – this biker short thigh slimming style has laser-cut edges that stay put under your clothes. Control tummy, hips, thighs and butt.

Maximum Control – Spanx maximum control is for when you want to, look like you have dropped pounds and inches. These target specific problem areas using compression. They might feel more restrictive and you may choose to save them for special days or evenings.

  • Slim Cognito Mid-Thigh Shaper – maximum firm control makes you look like you’ve lost inches around your waist and thighs while lifting your bum.
  • Slim Cognito Mid-thigh Bodysuit – don’t let the name fool you- it’s a thigh slimmer that comes with something so you can attach it to your bra for your own flattering bodysuit. Maximum tummy control, smooths your muffin top, love handles, hips and thighs with maximum shaping design.

If you found this guide to the best Spanx thigh slimmers helpful, makes sure you visit my site for more great shapewear comparisons.